Battle of the bulge

My life has been one big battle

A battle against the bulge

Weight up and down since antenatal

Always wanting to over indulge 

On savoury and sweet things

On crisps, cakes and all Greggs bakes

On fish and chips and chicken wings

On Indian curries and strawberry shakes

Never a healthy salad in sight

No nuts and seeds and stuff like weeds

No I like fried stuff all dripping with fat

Fulfilling my unhealthy comfort needs

So to compensate I have to run

And run and run and run and run

Some days it’s horrible certainly no fun

But with all this crap I’m eating it’s got to be done

I keep saying to myself one day 

You won’t be able to burn off all those cakes

And people will look and say

If only less ice cream cones with flakes

Then as I wobble around the house

Not being able to do much

But to watch tv and lay on the couch 

With food being my only crutch

I think to myself I’ll have to make the change

To reform from eating oh so unhealthy

Make the change and forever exchange

The salad for the sweet and savoury


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