Birthday Wishes

Every year on my birthday I get cards

Messages from friends, kind regards

So what did they tell me this year

Little ditties to fill me with cheer

Well apparently “today’s your day”

To have a brilliant time...hip hip hooray

“Chin chin it’s your birthday 

“Have a splendid day”

That card was fine

Didn’t need to think about the rhyme

But on this day I’m “never too old”

To do what? I’ve not yet been told

But according to friends it’s going to be 

“Another Year Full of Adventure” you’ll see

Evidently some think I’m special even when

It’s not my birthday..they need to think again

But my wife thinks I’m her best friend

But I really do think it will depend

On whether I’m doing my little chores

Like doing the pots or mopping the floors

My mum thinks I am special and wonderful 

To be so perfect can be so dull

Some cards are left blank for creativity

I guess they can hide their negativity

And so to the last card so long had I waited

For another birthday wish, slightly belated. 


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