Carefree Summers

This summer reminds me of summers past

When endless glorious days seem to last

I remember lazy days, the ice cream man

The excitement when we could hear his van

Playing tinny tunes to attract the hoard

Of children who’d buy what their parents could afford

I loved a 99 topped with sprinkles and syrup

There were no worries that we wouldn’t burn up

The calories as we didn’t know when to stop

Playing energetically outside until we’d drop

I used to have a neighbour, a friend called Mark

We used to play tennis until it was dark

We dreamed of playing at Wimbledon

Competitive maybe but lots of fun

Somehow in those days we were not afraid

Of the sun in whose heat we endlessly played

Those days were carefree, happy and simple

A wonderful memory for me to rekindle. 


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