Ruin Pubs Budapest

A short poem about the unique ruin pubs in Budapest. Definitely worth checking out. My favourite is Szempla Kert. It consists of many adjoining eclectic rooms all decorated in differing style...all quirky. Y wife’s favourite room was the chemistry inspired one...that you can see above. Beer could be had in conical flasks. 

Ruin Pubs

Booze, beer and broken houses

An atmosphere altogether unique

Attracts night owls to their inner halls

Eccentric decor adorns the walls

Graffiti, uniquely, not out of place

In other lands, seen as a disgrace

Here the atmosphere is electric

Senses stimulated , quite eclectic

Music, magic, mayhem and madness

Pulsating beats with a little brashness

Art, entertainment fully expressed

Down in the ruin pubs of Budapes


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