The Breakfast Buffet

Now I don’t class myself as a greedy person

However when faced with a breakfast buffet feast

It doesn’t need any persuasion any coercion

To turn into a five course hungry beast

What is it when confronted with the temptation

At home I’d just have a bowl of porridge 

But on holiday I’m tempted to eat a small nation

To be honest I’m not sure where I find the storage

I often eat two big chocolate muffins

A bowl of Kellogg’s cornflakes

Never mind the repercussions 

Some bread and cheese some creamy cakes

Some fruit to make me feel healthy

A couple of donuts woofed down

In the corner hidden from prying eyes quite stealthy 

In coffee, tea and orange juice I drown

When the sun comes up at the beginning of the day

And confronted with the breakfast banquet

I need self control and find a way

To say thank you very much and politely decline it. 


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