The Spirit Of Chartwell

The Spirit of Chartwell, a majestic craft
Weaving a course through the Douro
A resplendent vessel with a royal history
Embraced by a few fortunate travellers
Enjoying the natural beauty as it unfolds before them
High in the hills terraced fields
Soak in the summer sun
Waiting for their time to come, to deliver their bounty
Of grapes growing patiently on the vine 
For artisans to use their inherited craft
To ferment into perfect Port wine 
An experience such as this can cleanse the mind
A reminder of what’s important
A recalibration of human spirit 
Where there’s no limit with whom we can connect
A life enriched with new friendships 
Simple pleasures of good food and conversation
A time for well earned relaxation 
It will be a sad moment when it is time to say farewell 
To the like minded folk
Who traveled together aboard The Spirit of Chartwell. 


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