Daft Rhyme

This week we have been exploring Santorini. As it is right at the end of the season we have managed to avoid the crowds by and large. This is a beautiful island made more so by the whitewashed buildings and churches with blue roofs. 

I tried to write a poem to express this beauty but after several disappointing attempts I just wrote a daft rhyme. (P.S. before anyone points it out, I know a lot of the references are Italian and Santorini is in Greece. But I struggled to find Greek references that rhymed with Santorini. Makes the poem even sillier!!)

Daft Rhyme

I’m no meanie

Certainly no Mussolini 

Enjoy a bit of Puccini 

While sipping a dry Martini

With my wife in her bikini

I used to love the Sweeney

I used to own a beanie

Er indoors say mine is teenie 

Royal wedding a bit of Eugenie 

Man City managers Mancini and Pellegrini

Italian hot spots Tuscany and Rimini

Aladdin and his little genie

I know this rhyme is a little silly

But god I love a bit of Santorini. 


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