On Sunday Lesley and myself, together with our friends Lynn and Ian, went for a walk alongside the canal at Marsden. We stopped off at Crumbles on the Corner for a bite to eat.  Turkey in a tea cake took our eye.  It was a proper Yorkshire dish with plenty of gravy. We had a conversation about the regional variations when it comes to naming the simple bread cake.  

I remember one of my early duties when working for Halifax Building Society, back in the early eighties, was to go for the Assistant Manager’s sandwich at Skelton’s on Carr Lane in Hull.  He was not from round these parts, and asked for a ham sandwich in a tea cake. Being one ready to please, I followed his request to the letter, and brought him back his ham sandwich in a tea cake. He didn’t seem to be impressed by the fact that the tea cake was full of currants! He should have asked for a bread roll!

It got me thinking....


Life can take its toll

Without a simple bread roll

Can certainly be crap

Without butter on me bap

Boring not fun

Without jam on me bun

When down on the farm

Cheese and chutney on me barm

When you’ve got one in the oven

It’s certainly no muffin

Stuffing one straight in me gob

A beef and mustard cob

But the biggest mistake I make

Is over the simple tea cake

In some parts it includes a currant

In others, it simply doesn’t!!


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