It’s that twixtmas time again. Nothing much today I have just spent time playing with words and came up with this poem called Drivel. 


This is a trifle trivial

A poem not political

Pretty petty, partly potty

Lacking lucid language

A bonkers brainstorm 

Bordering on bollocks

A frivolous frolic

Meandering meaninglessly 

Ebbing and flowing

Perpetually pouring 

Mind numbing nonsense

Best before breakfast

A bonanza of banal boredom

Designed to drive you dotty

Depending on your disposition 

A frisson of fantasy

Not meant for Auntie

Hard of hearing Hattie

Partly passing for prose

More like a double dose 

A death defying drivel

This is crap official

Stunningly superficial

Bereft of anything beneficial

Waiting, wanting the final whistle

Wishing this pissing poem would end

Fishing for a final full stop

Stop, stop, stop

This is a stinker

Hook line and sinker!!


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