Festive Fun!

Yesterday Lesley and I did our first day of traditional Christmas shopping in Leeds. We have done most of it on line or purchased bits and pieces when we were out and about. Yesterday was back to how it used to be. A list of people who we still needed presents for with only a vague idea of what to buy them. Well we spent ages just circling shops aimlessly viewing some items three or four times until eventually settling on something, often out of desperation, taking it to the queue at the till. I suppose this chaos, on a Monday, was due to us waiting to go shopping after it was starting to get too late to order on line. 

Anyway here’s today’s poem inspired by the whole experience;

Festive Fun

Panic buying in the precinct

Last minute Minnie’s

That’ll do Dereks

Rushing, crushing 

In between 

Squeezing through

Crowded aisles

Nail files, three for two

Flannels, face masks, funky fart machines

Stuff that’ll instantly gather dust

Re-gifted to someone unsuspecting 

Last minute Minnie’s 

That’ll do Dereks

Women fuss over scent

For “our” auntie Alice

Men that couldn’t give a toss

Want it over quick

Hot stuffy shops 

Make you feel sick

Tag wrestling at the till

Bloody plenty on the list


Last minute Minnie’s

That’ll do Dereks

Why for heavens sake

Didn’t we do it online

Tucked up at home smug

Hot mug, glowing fire

Watching episodes of the Wire

Now we’re freezing, cold, broken

Surely we can get a book token

Last minute Minnie’s

That’ll do Dereks

Cash, contactless

Chip and pin

Head thumping 

In a spin

Finally the deed is done

Battle worn, knackered

Needing some

Festive fun!


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