Good Knight 

On Monday night Lesley and I went to the Tauron Arena Krakow to watch Paul McCartney. We nearly saw him earlier in the day when we joined a throng of people outside the Uniscus Palace, where he was staying. We waited to get a glimpse of him as he left the hotel...but gave up waiting.  

Good Knight!

A magical mystery tour

A lifetime of memories

The soundtrack to my existence

Quite innocent and pure

A long and winding road

Emotions running wild

Ecstasy and sadness merging

A genuine love the only code

A band on the run

From town to town

Lighting up arenas

A concert second to none

Another silly love song

Uplifting raucous rockers

Anthems tattooed in our DNA

Deep in my heart these belong

This was not a hard day’s night

But a journey through time

For a multi national gathering

Thank you good knight!


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