Must Be Tough Being a Vegan

I have absolutely nothing against vegans whatsoever. It’s just that I don’t think I could stop eating meat. However I do appreciate to cut down on meat for health and environmental reasons. The poem below is not intended to upset is just a humorous rhyme to explain it’s not for me. By the way I don’t eat crocodiles or kangaroo...but do eat burgers!

Must Be Tough Being a Vegan

It must be tough being a vegan
When feeling rough 
Can’t have eggs and bacon
Always having to check the packet
Or have to resort
To another bloody jacket
Without butter of course
All in the interest of
Saving the planet
I love any animal 
I love the world
But I can’t be that radical
To give up my burger
I know there are some that’ll think
I commit murder
I couldn’t revert to checking the menu
To have only one choice
Forever denied dumplings and stew
Crocodile and kangaroo
Feeling fabulous with the fondu
Chicken curry and meatballs too
I may have to take sanctuary
In my local steakhouse 
While others get on with trying 
This new fad, Veganuary!


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