Tomorrow It’ll Have to be Starbucks!

This weekend was Emily’s 25th Birthday. She celebrated by having some time with her friends, including completing a duathlon. We watched the race and joined her friends at Mother Works in Here East at the Olympic Park. I didn’t realise it was a vegan restaurant when I ordered a flat white! 
Tomorrow It’ll Have To Be Starbucks!

Calling Mother Earth
I have a big question
When did the world
Decide to be vegan
A flat white is all I wanted
What sort of milk
The waitress retorted
I think I’ll have skimmed
We don’t have that sort
Of thing here she grinned
We have oat, soya and coconut
What! I was confused
No milk from a cow but
What is the nearest to normal
Oat she said now scowling
The taste of my coffee now doubting
Ok I’ll have that if I must
But tomorrow it will have to be


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