The Flame

Like everyone around the world I was shocked and saddened by the fire at the Notre Dame. This is my attempt to describe the impact that fire can have on things we treasure. 

The Flame

A flicker of a flame

Seemingly innocent

Dances discreetly 

Disguising its intentions

Fooling with the beauty

Of its balletic movement 

Rapidly the intensity

The energy soon

Becomes the enemy 

A single dancer

Seemlessly joined

By a resilient partner

Cajoling others

To unite in the dance

Of destruction

An endless leaping chorus

Creates a frenetic

Fierce angry power

Consuming all

That dares to 

Prevent its progression

A devastating finale

A woeful tragedy

A flicker of a flame

At first intoxicating

Knows no limits 

Till it brings the final

Curtain down....


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