Today’s poem is about how life is spent searching. This could be searching for happiness. Searching for an escape from the stresses and strains of everyday living. Searching for a new goal in life. Maybe we spend too much time searching when everything we have is within touching distance. 


Searching, searching
Searing heat soothed
By delicate summer showers
Calmness induced
By melodious medicine

Searching, searching
Cravings mitigated
By nature’s nourishment
Creaking bones eased
By lazy days on a sun drenched beach

Searching, searching
Anxious mind comforted
By a friend who listens without judgement or accusation
Stressed soul massaged
By a cool shimmering pool

Searching searching
Volume of life reduced
By wise words on a page
Connection with family bonded
By a compendium of life’s lessons

Searching searching
An infatuation with wisdom healed 
By seeking solace in others
Emptiness and loneliness filled
By connecting with the one that’s cherished

Searching searching
Until it’s too late....


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