The Field

This week we have been staying in our friends’ annexe accommodation at the bottom of their beautiful garden. We looked out onto the field you can see in the picture. Our time here has been so relaxing and it inspired today’s poem. 
PS. Thanks Anne and Rod for a wonderful week.

The Field

Dancing barefoot happy and free 
Basking in the mesmerising breeze
Infused lushness lingering underfoot
Embracing the wild field of existence 

Jumping ecstatically high touching 
The limitless twenty four
Shades of shimmering blue
Breathing in intoxicating air

Soothing sensations as sun
Kisses skin feelings of love
Emanate from within
Spreading uncontrollably like wild fire

The phenomena of painful past
Dissolves into dark distant memory
Senses tingling, alive and refresh
As droplets of rain touches skin. 


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