Buckingham Palace

I’ve watched this place from afar

But standing there was bizarre

An almost surreal experience 

Once secretive, quite mysterious

But now I was standing there

With fellow citizens to share

The magnificence of Nash’s splendour

Breathing in the history, a surrender

To the pomp and ceremony 

Which stand firm a testimony 

To our country’s Royal lineage

Paraded on such a glorious stage

Rembrandts Canalettos and Rubens 

Previous monarchs immense contributions

To the Royal collection there on show

Priceless pieces of art to bestow

But this is not a stuffy museum

A rotting place, a mausoleum 

But the beating heart of our nation

Embracing the traditions of this generation

And every generation beforehand

Some may not agree I understand

The value gained from the royal family

But here on that day the real fantasy

Lived out by all those present, wide eyed

Could not help to have a warm feeling inside

Oh how I wanted to dream and reminisce

That day in the State Room of Buckingham Palace.


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