It happens every Saturday
A rag bag collective of runners
On a non work day quite early
All walks of life from lawyers to plumbers
Gather to do their weekly 5K
Now I’m not judging, don’t get me wrong
The bodies on display all shapes and sizes
Some chubby and short some lean and long
A pooch taking its owner for a spin
A mother clinging onto pram and baby
Waiting patiently at the start line to begin
There’s the obligatory announcements
With cheers for visitors and first timers
Three, two, one and all the contestants
The good the bad and the beginners
Are off on their circuitous journey
There’s the sprinters who rapidly set off
Their bravado doesn’t deter me
Overtaking them later, I’ll try not to scoff
Then there’s the kids who have no right
Their little legs rapidly running
At the third lap to be out of sight
A great achievement quite stunning
Then there’s the mothers meeting
Three portly women walking side by side
No deodorant needed, certainly not sweating
But get in my way that I can’t abide
After much huffing and puffing
Some overtaking, the final straight is in sight
I’m feeling quite good, with very little suffering
A final flourish and my time is alright.


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