Ancient Thera

Today we spent our last day in Santorini. We decided to climb up the mountain which was at the back of the hotel in Kamari to Ancient Thera. This archeological site was very impressive and certainly worth a visit, both from s historical perspective and the terrific views of the coast.
Today’s poem is about this visit;
Ancient Thera. 
This was a walk to history
A little mystery
A little adventure
As we took tentative steps
Towards a life alien
Yet so familiar
Each step closer
To a previous civilisation
As we climbed higher
The world below
Turned microscopic
As we approached
Something historic
Perched precariously
On a mountain top
Ancient Thera
Welcomed us to
A world where imagination
Takes us to another place
Where genius from a previous age
Invented, created civilisation
To remind us that we are transient
A speck on the history of this world.


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