Saturday Night (Not at the movies!)

Most Saturday nights during the autumn like a lot of the British population we settle down to watch X Factor and Strictly with a bottle of red wine.  Often I don’t quite make it to the end of the evening without dozing off. This poem is about our Saturday nights. 

Saturday Night (Not at the Movies)

Saturday night watching TV

A little bit of X Factor and Strictly

Wine in one hand remote in the other

The bottle placed handy for another

It feels a lot like a guilty pleasure

Very chilled out simply no pressure

Nothing here to tax the mind

No big step forward for human kind

It’s simply nice to relax and unwind

Watch Simon Cowell try to find

The next superstar the next big thing

Asking what song they would like to sing

Then there’s Bouncy Bruno waving his arms

Spreading compliments about dancers charms

Feedback sometimes gets pros a little furious

Not when Revel Horwood says they are gorgeous

At the end of the night a little worse for wear

I struggle eventually to get out of the chair

And slowly stagger up the stairs to bed

Thinking of what I could have done instead!


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