Yesterday getting back from Santorini was a long slog to say the least. The Easy Jet flight was delayed by about 2 hours. We had to wait for what seemed like a lifetime to get our bags back. Then on the M56 home we were stopped in a traffic jam for two hours as the police tried to deal with someone trying to jump of the motorway bridge.  

This poem tries to summarise our journey:


Waiting, just wasting

Our life in a queue

Plane late

Doing my best

To avoid been in a state

Pandemonium at the airport

People a plenty

Sitting on the floor

Feeling feckless and fraught

Nothing to do 

Just negative thoughts

Praying for our time

To get on the plane

Waiting just waiting

For our bags to arrive

Watching the clock tick

Dreading the drive

Bags in the car

We didn’t get far

Bumper to bumper

Police shut the road

A poor soul

On a bridge

Threatening to jump

Two hours we waited

I guess we should  

Have been elated

When a disaster 

Was avoided

And a life was saved

Waiting just waiting

We should be grateful

We have a good life

Worth waiting

Worth waiting for....


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