When I retired

On days when there is only the mundane to keep me  occupied I have to remind myself why I retired. It is easy to think this is the beginning of the end rather than a new beginning. This poem links those thoughts with my love of sport as an analogy. 

When I Retired

I didn’t retire from life

Didn’t want to be a spectator

Standing on the sidelines

Watching the clock ticking down

When I retired

I wanted to be a participant

Have dreams and ambitions

Play a full part, know in my heart

There’s nothing more left to give

When I retired 

I wanted to be a better team player

A giver rather than a taker

Supporting family, my loved ones

Achieve their goals and ambitions

When I retired 

This was just half time

The end of a frantic first period 

This was a new start

Not the end


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