Annoying Attraction

After a fantastic long weekend it was back to normality and the weekly shop. In order to save a few pennies we shop at Aldi. This makes sense unless you are drawn to the centre aisle. All the money you save can evaporate in one purchase of something you didn’t even know you needed. (And when you get it home realise you didn’t!!)

Annoying Attraction

Attracting like a magnet

Doing nothing, just waiting

To slowly draw you in

As hard as you try

And god you try

It’s always there

Beckoning you

Resisting is pointless

It’s like an annoying habit 

Irresistible but irritating 

Never quite the same

Always something new

Luring you into its grasp. 

It’s no good the temptation is too great

You have to go and see

The jumbled goods for sale

In the centre aisle at Aldi!!


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