Bingeing on Boxsets

Last night Lesley and I finished watching the final episode Breaking Bad. In the space of about three weeks we have watched what must be over 75 episodes. It is ironic that this series is about crystal meths and we were totally hooked! It is one of the best dramas we have ever watched...but we need a break from binge watching and get back to The Chaser!!!!

Bingeing on Boxsets

Curled up on the couch

Bingeing on a box set

Regular life is set on hold

Weight increasing ouch!

Feels like I’m addicted

One after another they come

Unable to turn the off switch

Regular life restricted

Characters become so real

Extended family members

See deep into their soul

Emotion you can feel 

Then end feels like a death

A gaping hole in life

Time to get back to reality

And finally catch my breath


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