As I post this blog I am sat in Costa Coffee at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. I am waiting for Lesley to have a blood test. As always it is interesting people watching. My poem today captures a five minute period whilst sat here...


Cupping my coffee 

At Costa Coffee

Watching people

Normal people

Some in deep conversation

Others sitting all alone

Some waiting patiently

Some passing the time of day

Watching life pass them by

A lady with her latte

Skimming through the dailies

A businessman delving

Deep into his attaché 

A family meeting

With baby bawling

Others trawling through

Social Media

Phone in hand fixated,

Isolated in their own little world

A couple share a precious moment

Gently she strokes her coffee cup

Lovingly he stares into her eyes

Old and young are gathered today

It’s interesting to watch the world at play! 


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