Just The One

Today’s poem is about those “quick pints” in a pub which turn into an all nighter.  

Just The One

Let’s just have the one

Rest our feet for a while

Savour that first sip

God that was so good

That first turns into a second

Soon our glasses are empty

Shall we have an other?

Yes just one more

Chatter is free warm 

And comforting

Spirits high, banter good

Shall we have another? 

Jokes are now filling the air

Much funnier than before

Knowing smiles with adjacent tables

Almost knee jerk automatic

Shall we have another?

Life is now so much more fluid

Innermost thoughts out in the open

Dissected by amateur psychiatrists

Slowly starting to feel a little pissed 

We know we shouldn’t

But show no restraint 

Shall we have another?

Quickly the clarity

Fades like a mist descending

Retreating into my own little world

Which instantly starts spinning

Oh god what have we done

We were only meant to have the one! 


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