Open Art Surgery

Yesterday Lesley and I visited one of our favourite places on earth; The Yorkshire Park. We go at least once a season. 

Even without the sculptures the park is beautiful and changes with each season. 

When the sculptures are added to the experience it is truly a unique place. There is a large sign in the restaurant stating that The Times said it was probably the best sculpture park in the world. I am not an authority on the subject but I wouldn’t argue with them. 

Open Art Surgery

Breathtaking beauty envelops you

Draws you into another world

The rhythm of nature merges with sculpture

Overloading the human senses

The seasons come and go

Painting a unique back cloth to colossal creations

Mystery and surprise around each corner

Ambushing all those who search for inspiration

An escape from day to day deliberation

A place for any generation

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park! 


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