Problem in the bagging area

I started my working life in a supermarket, long before scanning. Tonight we did our weekly shop and despite years of trying to get used to self scanning I still get frustrated at what should be a quicker process. Well in my case it seems to take an age. Well anyway here’s my latest rant/poem. 

Problem in the bagging area

Why is it when I shop?

I’ve got unexpected items

In my bagging area

I tell you what they’re not unexpected

But carefully selected

Items on my shopping list

I get really pissed

When I can’t find the code

Or have to scan a load

Of loose items 

Which have to be found 

On the shops computer

Where is that Danish Pastry?

None of the pictures 

Seem to match

I thought these things

Were self service

Well if they are my 

Name is Elvis

My light flashes so often

Who needs Tinder

When there’s always Wander

Hovering around 

To check your age

Twenty flashes later

I’m in a right rage

This bloody process

Is taking an age

Finally the last item is scanned

The benefits of this rigmarole I don’t understand. 


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