The weather in Huddersfield was horrible yesterday. It is not very often that we decide to stay indoors for the whole day. Yesterday was one of those days.  I have got to admit that I like to be active and being cooked up at home is not my ideal way to spend the day. I find it really difficult to relax and don’t like having too much opportunity to think. Like a lot of people, I guess, my mind starts playing tricks. I would like just to be able to relax with a good book and be comfortable doing nothing occasionally. 


Why can’t I relax?

Stop my mind turning

Whirring with thoughts

Of disparate dimension

Why can’t I relax?

Stop feeling agitated

Buzzing in motion

A dire disposition

Why can’t I relax?

Stop my pulse racing

Chatter in my head

An irrational emotion

Why can’t I relax?

Take a deep breath

Nullify the negative

A positive inclination


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