Running in the Rain

This week the weather has continued to be miserable in Huddersfield. This has seriously curtailed the runs Lesley and I have been on together. However yesterday I decided to try and persuade her to go for a run in the wood in the rain.  It took a lot of persuasion, however, as you can see, the Rocky character in the background of the photo is Lesley. I managed it. She quite enjoyed it, eventually!

Running in the Rain

It’s a pain

My Mrs

Won’t run in the rain

Chances of a shower

Won’t step out

Nothing in my power

Will get her moving

Even when 

Her hair needs doing

Maybe she thinks

A bit of water

And she shrinks

Frankly I’m frustrated

When I run in the rain

I feel alive, full of life, elated

I’m going to get her out

Even if it kills me

Can’t wait for the drought!


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