Search the Racks at TK Maxx

Yesterday Lesley wanted to buy a winter coat. She wanted one that could stand up to Arctic conditions.  She decided after wandering around the local department store that TK Maxx was the answer. I wasn’t so sure. There seems to me to be two retailers that we frequent where you never get what you went in for...but often come out with tons of stuff you didn’t even know you wanted...TK Maxx and Ikea.

Well today’s poem is looselay based on yesterday’s experience;

Search the Racks at TK Maxx

There’s all sorts of stuff on the racks

At the upmarket jumble sale TK Maxx

Rows upon rows of last seasons stuff

There’s no end to the searching

To the aimless rummaging

Of shirts and pants

Of potted plants

Of electronic gadgets

Gaudy plaid jackets

Finding what you want is always tough

So tough I often lose the will 

The will to find my way to the till

With any flippin’ goods to buy

My patience is very much in short supply

The only shop that instils such fear

Is my old adversary bloody Ikea. 


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