Shopping with my Mum

I am being a bit nostalgic today. I am not sure why but I started remembering the shopping trips into town when I was a boy living in Hull. We used to go on the number 14 bus from Bricknell Avenue. I always went on the top deck amongst the smokers. Well anyway here’s my trip down memory lane:

Shopping with my Mum

It was quite an occasion

Going to town

Dressed to the nines 

In my Oxford Bags

With buttons aplenty

Platform soles shoes

Big jumbo collars

I was only going with my mum

But if felt so exciting 

We got on the number 14

It was a blue and white 

Corporation double decker

You could smoke on top deck

Not that I was old enough

But seeing the Avenues

From such a lofty position

I felt like a king. 

My mum always had her list

Errands and pressies

And the odd treat for me

I used to follow her

Around shop after shop

Bustling with folk

Clutching their bags

She used to love Hammonds

A great department store

She occasionally splashed out

Lunch at Picadish yippee

A plate of chips and baked beans

Went down great with squash

Being a fashionable lad I nagged and nagged

For a visit to C&A for some trendy rags

She would always give in

And let me have my way 

Maybe I should have said thank you

A little more that day

It was soon time to get back on the bus

A little tired from traipsing around

To find that last item on my mum’s list

The one that nobody had

The one that they were always getting in

Next week

How times have changed

No more exciting visits to town

All replaced with a click on a mouse

That item that nobody had 

Is always there

But god it’s nowhere near as much fun

As those days shopping with my mum!


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