Today I think I am having a Victor Meldrew moment. Is it only me or does anyone else get infuriated by the overuse of the word “super” nowadays. This is particularly prevalent on chat shows where stars are “super excited” about whatever they’re doing. Just how excited is super excited? Is this more or less than “very” excited? 


As I write this poem

I’m super excited

In fact I’m super delighted

More than that

I’m super ecstatic 

Sometimes I can be super erratic

But today I’m super happy 

As opposed to being super snappy

Watched a movie super sad

A killer at large super bad

Feeling super dapper in my Super Dry

Eating fish and chips following my super fry

Now I’m feeling super uneasy

Feeling rather super queasy

At the overuse of the word super

Poem finished

Super duper. 


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