The Script

I believe it’s a good thing that in recent years society has become more open to discussing mental health. It probably affects more of us than any other illness. This poem I wrote some time back when I was in a reflective mood. 

The Script

Sleep walking through life

Never even noticing

Even when cut by a knife

Always numb never sensitive 

To compliments uttered by his wife

Retreating silently into solitude

Never hearing simple sounds

Showing emotion, never moved 

Always self selecting the wrong tone

Never quite in the right mood.

Some may say self centred

Always focusing on oneself 

Sometimes feeling misrepresented 

When there are best intentions 

Never feeling whole nor contented. 

Life is full of conflict 

Pulling in opposite directions 

Never easy never ever licked 

Facing into momentous challenge

Rarely if ever sticking to the script. 


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