A Little Bit of Piece

Yesterday Lesley and I, on the spare of the moment, decided to visit The Halifax Piece Hall.  It is a while since we were last there. Well, if you haven’t been lately I would suggest you go. There are great bars a couple of restaurants and numerous independent shops selling all sorts of gifts.  Being Christmas there was a couple of temporary bars in the square. It was just magical!

A Little Bit of Piece

What’s behind the numerous green doors?

Adorning the majestic, historic three floors.

Like an advent calendar, an exciting surprise

Shopkeepers selling all kinds of supplies

Restaurants and bars hidden in corners

Selling mulled wine and other winter warmers

Fairground attractions adorn the square

A stunning space for all to share

Under the arches Christmas revellers gather

Imbibed with beer to ignite the chatter

Twinkly lights shining bright for all to see

A festive scene to fill your heart with glee

An historic gem, a quadrangle of delight

A magical place on this cold winter’s night

Not in Paris, New York or Montreal 

Will you find such a gem as the Halifax Piece Hall


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