A Year Ago Today

(Picture taken on Boxing Day last year)

A year ago today I started writing poetry. I had not written any rhymes since I was at school. When I mentioned it to my mum she said, unbeknown to me, my grandad had been an enthusiastic writer of verse. Well anyway today is the anniversary of my first poem. I committed, on this day last year to write a poem a day for a year. Well yesterday’s was the 365th poem I have written. (Not all good may I add!) Here is a poem about achieving this milestone. 

A Year Ago Today 

A year ago today

I am not sure what inspired me

What drove me

To write a poem

A poem about my state of mind

Maybe to find myself

On this new journey

A life changing journey

Not since school had I written a rhyme

Guess I hadn’t had the time

So therapeutic did I find the process 

That delved into the recesses of a mixed up mind

I made up this mind to write daily

A poem about life, my life

Others’ lives, society 

Moments of history

Things inconsequential

Occasionally sentimental

Sometimes monumental 

365 poems later

One year older

Potentially wiser

A sense of achievement 

Thoughts committed to verse

Some good, some bad,

Some joyful, some sad

Some downright awful

A commitment many thought was a fad

That my butterfly mind

Would find a tad

Too taxing, demanding. 

I found it therapeutic 

As mellowing as music

Taking me to a different place

A space in which I could 


The world around me

Take the time to appreciate 

Help me negotiate this new life

A new life of freedom 

Time rich, choices endless 

Free from the stress 

Of nine to five

The daily drive

More time with those that matter

Time for a little chatter

To be more present 

Try to be more pleasant

Less need for the antidepressant

Yes today I achieved a goal

A dream that seemed out of reach

They say if you dream it

Have a positive mentality 

It will happen

Well today that dream became a reality. 


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