Echo and the Bunneymen

Last night Lesley and I went to see Echo and the Bunneymen, at the Holmfirth Picturedrome.  It is clear that, through the years, they have maintained their original fan base. There were very few people there under the age of fifty! An introvert Ian McCulloch sang all the Bunneymen hits to a very appreciative audience. 

By the way if you haven’t seen a band at the Picturedrome you are missing out. It is regarded as the North’s best small music venue. Always a great view!

Echo and the Bunneymen

Greying, balding, middle aged men

Bobbing along to rhythmic beats 

From a time before Twitter and tweets

Chanting along with Echo and the Bunneymen

Greying balding middle aged men

Beer in hand accompanied by the Mrs

Not a time for cuddles and kisses

Hands held aloft remembering when

Greying balding middle aged men

Some endured several divorces

Bring on the dancing horses

Eighties relived in a magic music den.


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