Excess Baggage

We are about to fly to Krakow today and once again we have packed far too much. Every time we go on a short trip we say we will not put a bag in the hold. “It will be so much easier” we say, “no waiting at the carousel.”  Yet once again we get to the last minute, see what’s still left on the bed to pack, and quickly go online to book a hold bag. 

Excess Baggage

Another holiday another bloody packing disaster

The number of times I’ve done it I should be a master

Why is it when I go on holiday for a week

Whether it be Arctic Circle or Martinique 

I pack as though I will never return

I pack for every contingency, every concern

What if the 30 degree heat turns to a cold spell?

Or the air conditioning might be too cold in the hotel?

I better take a fleece with me just in case

What if I spill something on my shorts?

Or loose them playing in the tennis courts?

I better take a spare pair with me just in case

Will seven pairs of undies be enough?

What if I get upset stomach from eating foreign stuff?

I better take a spare pair of kegs just in case.

What if I decide I’m getting too unfit?

Will I have enough running kit?

I better take some extra Lycra just in case.

What if I get some foreign bug?

And need some medicine a certain kind of drug

I better take my medicine cabinet just in case.

What if my trainers start to smell?

And the stink lingers, starts to dwell

I better bring an extra pair of sneakers just in case.

What if we decide to go out posh?

Some expensive place with trendy nosh

I better take my smart stuff just in case.

What if we spend every day in the pool?

And my trunks don’t dry as the nights are too cool

I better take an extra pair of speedos just in case.

What if my wife decides to wear a blue dress

And our colour clash causes her distress

I better take a kaleidoscope of colour just in case.

What if our moods take us and we decide to go hiking

Or hire a cycle and opt to go biking

I better take extra sporting apparel just in case.

What if when I’ve finished my packing

I still feel as though something is lacking?

I better bring another case just in case.  


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