Old Men with Big Ears

I was watching TV last night watching the local news and the heartwarming story of Dickie Bird and the Yorkshire cricket team visiting a children’s ward to hand out Christmas presents. However I couldn’t help but notice how big his ears had grown. A little bit of research and I found out that everyone’s ears and noses grow all our lives. Pity they’re the only parts of the body that continue to grow!! 

Anyway this was the inspiration of today’s poem (not based on anyone in particular). 

Old Men with Big Ears

Great old men with fantastic big ears

Scars and wrinkles for souvenirs

Wisdom from a misspent youth

Only one remaining natural tooth

Great old men with enormous big noses

Proud as punch of their prize winning roses

Children love to hear their stories 

Loved labour hated the tories 

Great old men with aching backs

Never wear coats always Macs 

Used to smoke twenty roll your own

Not much fun when you’re all alone 

Great old men with a walking stick

Nothing on face value, forever a sceptic 

Reflecting on simple hard working lives

Shared with their long suffering wives. 



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