The Christmas Fayre

Yesterday we went to the Christmas Fayre which was being held in the community centre on our estate. How come when you go to these you end up spending a fortune on stuff that you didn’t want or get caught up in gambling on the tombola or bottle raffle?

The Christmas Fayre

Today I emptied my pockets

At the local Christmas Fayre

Smiling ladies sitting expectantly 

Flogging festive trinkets everywhere

Novelties and homemade scarves

Tantalisingly teetering on table tops

A slice of cake and a coffee

To make this all worthwhile

An enticing tombola ticket 

Come on you Lady Luck

Yippee I’ve won something

Yes something, quite something

Not sure quite what it is...

Unabated I try the bottle raffle

Yippee I’ve won something

Something in a box to drink I think!

Only there for half an hour

But long enough to fill a bag

A bag of stuff I’ll never need 

But all in a good cause 

My Christmas good deed

A charity for stray cats indeed!


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