The Christmas Market

On our first night in Krakow we ventured to the main square, which was magical. It was lit up with festive lights and the only vehicles were the white carriages being drawn by the horses. 

On one side of the square was the Christmas Market which was filled with sights, sounds and smells which touched all senses. 

The Christmas Market

Sausages, soups and twinkly lights

Wooden goodies for girls and boys

An atmosphere that delights

Liberally sprinkled with chatter and noise

Hats, scarves, and a savoury treat

Glittery baubles, a bright coloured toy

Father Christmas for children to meet

A vibrant feeling we all can enjoy

The Krakow square of seasonal magic

Reflected on the rainy street

Reminiscent of a Christmas classic

Happiness and joy to make life complete


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