The Ivy

Tonight we had a lovely meal at The Ivy in Leeds. I had steak, egg and chips. You can take the lad out of Hull... Anyway it was a great night out. 

The Ivy

I’m just a lad from Hull

I know this might sound dull

But in my youth I never thought

That I could be be caught 

In a place like The Ivy

I thought this were more cor blimey

Than true Yorkshire grit

Never thought at the same table I’d sit

With posh folk dressed to impress

Shouting out about their success 

But here I am sat with friends

Here in Leeds looking through a different lens 

Time to reflect on how times have changed 

That person from Hull has remained

But in a different place never forgetting

Nor ever regretting

The journey that ultimately took me

To a beautiful night at The Ivy. 


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