The Promise of a Shower

Today’s poem once again reflects on our trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau. It tries to tell the story of the way in which people were “processed” when they arrive at Birkenau on the cattle train. The gas chamber, where most were led to, after getting off the train was made to look like a shower block. This was to avoid panic. 

The Promise of a Shower

The train of terror

Emptied it’s human cargo

Onto a simple siding

Wretched, weak,and weary

No clues, mistaken optimism

Personal possessions

Items dear to those present

Diamond rings, everyday things

Discarded forever

Lines of lost souls

Awaited their fate

Two walks ahead

Two tracks 

Two different outcomes

The strong singled out

The weak

The young

Women with babies

One final walk

Horrifically hoodwinked with...

The promise of a shower


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