The Road Trip

We have just made the trip to Heathrow to catch a flight to Krakow. It got me thinking how in the past a long journey south used to be an adventure. This inspired my latest poem;

The Road Trip

I used to love a good road trip

To destinations far and wide

A week in Cornwall always quite hip

An excited family by your side

My wife always the map reader

Plotting the position along the route

An occasional wrong turn to deceive her

An infrequent expletive to boot

The kids in the back quite bored

“Are we there yet?” the regular cry

“Please be quiet” we both implored

“Dad I need to wee” came the reply

There was little to entertain us

An occasional game of eye spy

First one in the car to spot a bus

Anything to get us by

Speeding along at your own pace

Nothing to slow you down

The Sunday driver the only disgrace

Driving like a clown

Today the world’s so different

Speed cameras to catch you out

Always feel quite innocent

When speed limits you do flout

Then there’s the awful sat navigation

A battle axe worse than the wife

Taking us to some dodgy destination

Where I never been in my life

I used to love a good road trip

To destinations far and wide

But now frustrated I’ll let rip

At congested roads I can’t abide!


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