Where Have All The Kids Gone?

Yesterday afternoon we went to see The Voice Kids being filmed in Salford Quays. It was a marathon session of 7 and a half hours. We saw 12 acts being judged by Will.I.am, Danny Jones, Jessie J and Pixie Lott.  They were all superb and in my opinion as good as some of the adults on the main show.  However it got me thinking what sacrificies have been made to getting to the standard they were at. How much was down to  natural talent and how much down to encouraging parents...also read pushy parents. Would it be better to let kids be kids? 

Where Have All The Kids Gone?

Where have all the kids gone?

Grown up before their time?

They don’t want to be a cygnet

Would rather be a swan!

Is this down to pushy parents?

Wanting their kids to fulfil

Their unaccomplished dreams 

Before becoming adolescents

There seems no time to be a child

To play with toys unplugged

To enjoy life without responsibility

To do things wonderful and wild

We cheer at kids who can sing

Like divas or pop superstars

We marvel at their maturity

The potential wealth they’ll bring

Give kids the air to breathe free

Don’t suffocate them with ambition

Deprive them of their childhood

For they’ll achieve what you can’t foresee. 


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