White Horse and Griffin

Last night we travelled to Whitby to stary over at the White Horse and Griffin. As we have retired we were missing out on a works Christmas do. So we decided to have our own, just the two of us. 

The White Horse and Griffin is the oldest place we have stayed in. It was built in 1618. Captain Cook recruited sailors here. Charles Dickens slept here. Even Michael Caine has stayed. 

It is a place steeped in history: 

White Horse and Griffin

Sleeping with history

Among whispering walls

Slanted windows

Old wooden doors

A creaking stair

A wall brick bare

Ghosts of the past

Their futures cast

Explorers plotted

James Cook, William Scoresby

The heritage thickens

The writer Charles Dickens

Candlelight, log fires

Heightening the senses

Awakening desires

Eyes closed imagining

Those who’ve travelled

Through these ancient vestibules 

Whose lives unravelled

Wise men and occasional fools 

Sleeping with history

Endless legends magical mystery. 


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