A Tear Rolled Down My Cheek

Yesterday on the way to London we were listening to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2. There was an item on lyme disease. A lady rang in to the programme to explain the agony she had endured as a result of getting lyme disease. She was weeping with the nightmare that she was enduring. I had never even heard of lyme disease. Apparently it is important to get the disease treated as soon as possible. If not this invasive disease will cause complications for years. 

Tears Rolled Down My Cheek

Yesterday I was moved
A tear rolled down my cheek
A lady on the radio
Crying to the DJ
In pain beyond belief 
Her anxiety and anguish
Disturbed me with her grief 
Helpless to support her
Wanting to reach out
Say some words of comfort
Let her know we care
Nothing could I do
But feel how fortunate we are
Yesterday I was moved
A tear rolled down my cheek
Listening to a lady crying
Whilst driving in my car


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