Lost the Signal!

I saw this phone box in Leeds today and it got me thinking back to the early days of mobile technology. 

Lost The Signal

Back in the day

When a phone box

Was on every corner

When no one

Had ever been to detox

I used to have a mobile phone

I know I was not alone

But this was in the day

Of phones being connected

To the car 

It couldn’t reach very far

But I felt so important 

Like being in MI5 

A spy, an informant 

I progressed to a hand held

Built like a brick

Couldn’t work out this new text thing 

Felt rather thick 

Often self conscious

Speaking in public

People would look

People would stare

A lunatic to which

They would compare

I’m losing signal 

Was the latest slogan

I had two blobs

But now down to nil

I was seriously spooked

When I called my mate

He said hello Dave

Before having the chance to state

It was me who was calling

My mum thought they were appalling 

Would never catch on

Would frazzle the brain

Would end up insane

Then there was the game

Built into the phone

When I was bored

Needed a break 

Pressed the button

And played some snake

When people called

How did they find me

Always a bloody mystery 

Didn’t matter where I be

In town village or big city

Now my phone has replaced my brain

I no longer call 

Talking’s seen as insane

How I long for those days

When we could all have a giggle

And pretend that we’d just lost the signal!


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