Lost and Found

We have been glued to the Tin Star box set on Sky. Today’s poem is inspired by a couple of scenes from the show. 

Lost and Found

She stood deep in the forest
Alone, conscious of her vulnerability
The coldness of the night 
Brought a bitter chill to her bones
Shivering, quivering she longed for home
Branches cracked incessantly underfoot
As she searched for hope
Unidentifiable sounds created a cacophony
Of mystery and foreboding
Weaker and weaker she stumbled onwards 
Never knowing whether she’d taken the right path
At each clearing it felt familiar 
Too familiar
Her heart sank as she failed to find an end
An end to this ever growing nightmare
Exhausted and confused she sank to her knees 
No longer able to go on
Her head in her hands 
She broke down and wept 
Resigned to a slow painful demise
She heard a voice in the distance 
A voice that grew louder and louder
A mans voice
A voice she recognised
I’m here she beckoned
As loud as she could muster
Would it be heard
He called again
She replied ever more desperately
Until they were reunited
He lifted her from the ground
Wrapped his arms around her
Looked into her teary eyes
And whispered
Forgive me it wasn’t meant to be this way


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