The Morning After

Last night we had a great night out at Jax in Huddersfield. This was one of our best ever restaurant experiences. Great food, an exceptional waiter/host, superb live music and plenty to drink. The drink bit leads me to today’s poem. I am now of an age when a good night out writes off the next day. Like everyone I always say “never again”. Well once again, when I woke up this morning, I uttered those very words. This time I am going to stick to it... well until the next time, which is tomorrow night!!!

The Morning After

The morning after

The mind’s a fog

Bleary bulging eyes 

Battling through smog

Incapable of anything, far too weak

Mumbling and muttering

Can’t get words out

Incapable of palpable speak

Stomach churning

Must start learning

Must be more discerning

Start refusing any more boozing 

Start remembering the last time

On drinking too much wine

I committed to refrain

From over indulging ever again. 


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